Quick Trip to London: Day Two.

So today was truly the most touristy of days. We traded in the crowds of Bowie fans for hordes of tourists from all over the world in order to view London’s most iconic and spectacular sights.

We started the day with a cultural visit to the Tate modern in which we basically stood amongst an excess of school trips ranging from primary up to college and attempted to view Picasso’s impressive ‘Weeping Woman’ in peace. If you thought really hard this could be done and seeing artwork in real life is much more rewarding than anything else. It’s difficult to appreciate the technicality and vividness of all the colours until the real thing is experienced.


This was followed by lunch on the Thames in the sunshine and a stroll over the millennium bridge to St. Paul’s. This is definitely something to see in order to fully appreciate its magnificence. Alongside the fact you can sing Mary Poppins whilst sitting on the steps and pretending to feed the birds the intricacy of the carvings of the saints and apostles are really interesting.

So this was the first on our trip of major sightseeing places in London. This was followed by the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey (another massively beautiful building), Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. I must admit once you’ve been to these places each new busy is pretty similar. Except for temporarily most of Trafalgar Square is currently inaccessible making a less exciting trip. However we did visit The Royal Gardens which features pelicans, something I know for a fact I didn’t make up but didn’t seem plausible until I saw them again!

However we ended the day with a drink in a pub called The Sherlock Holmes in which yes, pints are still over four pounds which is really starting to burn a hole. But this is inner city living and it’s pretty much the same as drinking in the centre of Manchester.

I’m starting to really fall in love with London, which I kind of knew has always been the case and tomorrow we’re visiting Camden which I’m majorly excited for! I’m sure I’ll update and express this excitement for you tomorrow evening or maybe the day after- London’s pretty tiring!


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