‘Do I Wanna Know?’ – Erm, Yes Please!

So, after a fair bit of waiting around for fans the Arctic Monkeys have finally released what I can only assume to be their next single, Do I Wanna Know? The answer to this for anyone who is as much of a fan as I am has to be yes.  Yes please Alex we all desperately want to know what it is you’re going to do next.

Since their release of RU Mine? following their slightly disappointing fourth album Suck It and See it seems I’ve been sitting around forever waiting for something as tantalising as their latest track. It is reflective of RU Mine? and continues to add the spark back into their music that Suck It and See seemed to really lack. The obvious highs of these new tracks are the return to the use of an exceptionally strong guitar riff which dominates the track with both bass and vocals tending to follow its lead. The impact of this just seems to be incredible.

There’s something about their new style of writing that makes you want to listen to the tracks over and over with no indication as to when it is they’ll become tiresome, in some ways it’s reminiscent of their early stuff just with a greater musical sophistication which is to be expected. I for one am hoping that they’re on the way to releasing a new album, which is rumoured to be coming out this year and the release of Do I Wanna Know? seems to affirm this idea. I’m also hoping for an album based on these strong almost classic seventies rock style guitar riffs in order to really drive it on. They need another exciting album, one in which every song is catchy and everyone knows the words. Their first album was exactly that but from Favourite Worst Nightmare onwards it seems to have gone slowly downhill.

Hopefully this is the start of something new. Or rather, something old, a return to the classic Arctic Monkeys I fell in love with and a return to classic riffs, driving bass and ridiculous drums. Their first album was full of dancey tracks and anthems and I’m sure they’ve still got it in them to write some more.

Do I Wanna Know? – The Arctic Monkeys


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