The ‘Lad Mag’ and Its Continual Existence

I’ve just watched the BBC’s ‘Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes’ which was admittedly well executed and absolutely infuriating. I’ll have to be careful how I express myself within this in order to not simply rant about what I believe to be the state of the world and a reason for everyone to stop breeding, end of.

One thing that really winds me up and has done forever is the existence of the ‘Lad Mag’. I think you can play the empowering to women card as much as you like but, let’s face it, it’s not exactly very convincing. FHM’s tagline is ‘It’s Great to Be a Man’, which completely marginalises women and is intent on distinguishing the two sexes. I’m sure it is great to be a man, but in this context it’s implied it’s ‘great to be a man’ as as a man you get to gawp at all these scantily clad women this magazine makes it so easy for you to access.

Keeping the focus on FHM, they’re not even remotely subtle about what it is they are in fact doing, which is quite simply objectifying women. A title or headline from their website at the moment is “3 Amazing Girls You Can’t Afford to Miss this Month”, which almost sounds like you’re food shopping. This use of language objectifies women, places certain women above others and makes the sex sound disposable. This is this month but next month those three girls will be completely different, don’t worry, when you’re done we don’t mind being thrown away.

However I suppose in some ridiculous sense they can also be the source of entertainment for us girls. One thing I read today did in fact make me feel a little bit “aw bless” for all the blokes out there. “Someone’s finally realised that putting Georgia Salpa in undies to sell undies is a brilliant idea” apparently, and no darling, they’re knickers, not undies. Admittedly this made me giggle slightly but still the underlying misogyny is there. Lingerie adverts aren’t really created for blokes are they? They’re meant to sell women their bras and knickers yet a bi-product of this appears to be a slight sense of sexual satisfaction for blokes, which is now being included in Lad Mags. Here women’s own space is being invaded upon by men for their own personal pleasure and they’re getting it completely wrong in the process.

The thing I find whenever I write something like this is that I’ll get branded as a Feminist, which is fine, I class myself as one. However, that has negative connotations, something that still needs addressing. I enjoy looking nice, I worry about my appearance like I’m sure many other girls do. It’s no wonder really, with the fashion and beauty industry alongside culture such as Lad Mags portraying women in unrealistic manners I’m surprised more people don’t freak out on a regular basis. Unfortunately though, most of us are real and photo-shop doesn’t exist in real life.


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