One Month Cigarette Free: Day One

From Wednesday the 11th of February to Wednesday the 11th of March I will be smoke and nicotine free (so no patches, gum or E-cigarettes!). I know a lot of people who have done dry January but I can easily take or leave a drink, whereas a cigarette, that’s very different!

I am raising money for the Wellspring in Stockport, a charity I believe offers an invaluable service. It costs £350 to run the centre for a day and if I could raise this it would be unbelievable. Alternatively £100 a day feeds 150 people a day and if I could provide even one day of food that would be fantastic.

I think a lot of people take for granted the small things in life, including myself. I spend about £144 a month on smoking which, when put into perspective, is a day and a half’s worth of food. It could provide 225 people with a meal. This is why I am going to commit to this month and why I have picked this particular charity.


Today was awful. Absolutely shit. Nothing good has come of today. But, I am smoke-free (apart from when I stand near my house-mate and gratefully breathe in the air) and my last cigarette was twenty-two hours ago.

I thought getting up and not having one would be the hardest thing, but that was surprisingly easier than I’d imagined, probably as I’ve spent the last week having my morning fag but telling myself I was going to vomit and today, not having one felt really good. However, the day started properly and everything went to shit.

Here’s a list of things that have tested my patience today/eventually got the better of me:

  • My bus, the number 70, is quite frankly the biggest waste of space to ever grace this planet, as I stood at the bus stop for half an hour. It still didn’t show up I just got the 121 instead. I was late for my doctors appointment and this was very annoying.
  • My lecture this morning was preceded with ‘What does the Fox Say?’ which made me want to throw large objects at people near me.
  • The signal on my phone is bloody awful which today ended with me throwing it across the room whilst screaming in some kind of hysterical and unattractive manner. Thankfully, phone did not break. (Although it may as well have done, the piece of crap.)
  • I got an expected awful mark in one of my assessments although this seemed justified with a comment I did not agree with and therefore I cried for a good two hours. Normally would respond much more rationally, I put it down to lack of nicotine.
  • I spoke to my boyfriend and my mum to which I then continued on said crying spree as I then just wished I was at home and not at uni where I didn’t do very well anyway and everything had gone to shit.
  • Also I have eaten a cheese and onion roll, a mozzarella, tomato, pesto and salami baguette, an entire packet of those crisps that are like onion rings and had a litre of coke and am about to eat a pizza. This is not positive and I feel that this decision is going to be the end of my somewhat okay figure.

But hey, tomorrow is another day and I don’t think it can get much worse than that. First day must be the hardest, or so I assume, I could be completely wrong.

Also when I lose the will I need to remember I gave myself this challenge in a moment of strength and therefore that strength must be in there somewhere, just at times, it may take a while to find.

If you would like to sponsor my pain and contribute to the Wellspring Stockport, a fantastic charity which does some excellent work please visit my Just Giving page:



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