One Month Cigarette Free: Day Two

If yesterday was anger, today was grief. I assume these stages apply.. I can’t wait for acceptance, week two maybe?

Yes, today it would most definitely be easier to list the places where I didn’t cry/nearly cry/ well up than those where I did. Superdrug in Sheffield train station would not have made that list, neither would the 14:14 Northern Service to Manchester Piccadilly and neither would the 83 bus. It’s been a day of resounding success.

I’ve smoked for a long time and I think part of the problem with this whole quitting thing is that smoking had become part of the person I was, however pathetic that may sound. Therefore, for day two I have compiled a list of people who I think are really cool and don’t smoke.

1. Morrissey



See, a cigarette would probably compliment this photograph but Morrissey has decided he isn’t going to poison himself on a regular basis and still manages to be pretty, bloody cool. Except now, ignore him now. He’s far from cool and quite frankly just irritates people on a regular basis, perhaps making them want to smoke. Who knows?




2. Patti Smith



Patti Smith didn’t smoke, she didn’t even do drugs, although everyone around her did and she has arguably one of the most interesting lives in Rock. Plus she’s still living and performing way into her sixties, whereas a lot of her peers are dead.





3. Debbie Harry

I have ndownload (3)ever seen a photograph of Debbie Harry with a cigarette in her hand, which kind of makes me think she musn’t smoke. And let’s face it, you don’t get much cooler than this.






That’s all I can come up with for now. I’m reading The Good Soldier at the moment and just thinking that everyone who wrote in the 20s, Fitzgerald, Hemingway etc, everyone who hung out in Paris was just having a great time and they were all smoking and having fun and weren’t crying in random places. Day two has been a write off, I’ve done nothing.

However, donations have come to £85 already and I am utterly thrilled, this is what’s keeping me motivated. Thank you so much!


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